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Paper tape with your imprinting, 50 mm x 50 m

Product code: 11265PAP050066

  • Weight: 0,24 kg

An environmentally friendly alternative to regular plastic packaging tape.

We offer premium quality printed paper tape. The thickness of the tape is 90 microns (125 microns with adhesive).

Very strong adhesive.

The background color is not counted in the number of colors for the printed tape. In other words, for example, printing a black logo (on white background tape) means a 1-color print.

Please note! For the first time, the printing plate fee is added to the price, which is 15€ + VAT per color (so for a 3-color logo, it's 45€ + VAT). If you order tape again within 2 years, this cost will not be added again.

Delivery time 4-5 weeks.

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