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Automatic PP straping machine TP702, 12mm, 650x500mm

Product code: 11520TP7026

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The fast and reliable plastic strapping machine TP702 allows you to strap up to 60 packages per minute. It is also suitable for packaging small products.

  • Strapping machine for 12 mm PP strap.
  • Arch sice 650x500 mm.
  • Strapping speed up to 60 straps per minute.
  • Tension force adjustable in the range of 10-350 N.
  • Frame dimensions are available in various sizes and are selected according to the packaged product.
  • The smallest product that can be packaged: width 70 mm and height 20 mm.
  • Automatic strap feeding after installing a new strap roll.
  • The machine does not have drive belts, pulleys and clutches, and 30% fewer parts, which reduces maintenance and repair costs.
  • If strapping is done without a product, the strap waste generated during empty strapping is automatically removed.
  • When the strap roll runs out, the strap waste is automatically fed out of the machine.
  • The machine's table height is adjustable in the range of 820-920 mm.
  • The machine is equipped with wheels.
  • The machine has a foot pedal for operating the m

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