Maintenance Services

In addition to the services performed at our maintenance center, we also offer the following services:

  • On-site maintenance work
  • Equipment installation
  • Maintenance work based on long-term contracts
  • Emergency maintenance work

The equipment we maintain includes:

  • Packaging equipment, ranging from manual devices to fully automatic machines.
  • Waste compactors.
  • Various industrial equipment.

Spare parts supply:

We ensure the availability of spare parts for all equipment supplied by us.

We provide customers with spare parts for equipment from the following brands, among others:

  • Cyklop
  • Titan
  • OMS
  • AVC
  • Zapak
  • Fromm Packaging Systems
  • Signode
  • Band-A-matic
  • Transpak
  • Bramidan
  • Minipack-Torre
  • Atlanta
  • Comarme
  • Essegi
  • and many more.

We have 30 years of experience in maintaining Fromm Packaging Systems equipment.

We sell batteries for various battery-powered strapping tools, including Fromm, Zapak, Cyclop, and Signode.