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Mytho Auto wrapping machine

Product code: 11560MYTHOAUTO

  • Weight: 300,00 kg
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The Mytho Auto is designed to simplify the pallet wrapping process for companies with larger volumes, intensive workloads, and pallet movement with forklifts. The Mytho Auto model is suitable for those who do not want or cannot purchase an automatic line with roller conveyors due to space limitations.


  • The operator loads the pallet onto the turntable with a forklift.
  • The device is started using a remote control.
  • The device starts and the operator can either move on to the next pallet or perform other tasks.
  • The device wraps the pallet, cuts the stretch film, and grabs the end of the cut film to start a new cycle.
  • The operator removes the wrapped pallet with a forklift and the device is ready to wrap a new pallet.


  • The operator does not need to exit the forklift at the beginning of wrapping to attach the film to the pallet and again at the end of wrapping to cut the stretch film. This saves the operator's time, which is important.
  • The same wrapping machine can service multiple forklifts in a larger warehouse.

The 11-inch touchscreen control panel allows you to set several different parameters, ensuring the best packaging quality.

The Mytho Auto is also available with various pre-stretch options.