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Bubble wrap machine Basic

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Due to the growth of e-commerce, bubble wrap machines have become popular as they not only save space, but also provide better protection for shipped products compared to regular purchased bubble wrap rolls.

The advantage of on-site produced bubble wrap is its thickness when filled - this type of bubble wrap uses significantly less material compared to regular purchased rolls. Often, the cost savings compared to traditional bubble wrap are 10-20 times. To make a more accurate calculation, please contact our customer support.

For example, to produce M3 bubble wrap, about 156 meters are needed, which means that from a roll (700m), approximately 4.5 m3 of bubble wrap can be produced. The capacity of a traditional 50 cm x 150 m roll of bubble wrap is about 0.15 m3, so to achieve the same volume, you would need to buy about 29 rolls of 50 cm x 150 m bubble wrap.

Advantages of the Basic bubble wrap machine:

  • Filling the box partially requires significantly less bubble wrap.
  • The bubble wrap is tearable between each filled pad.
  • Set & forget function - it is possible to select the desired number of meters on the machine and leave it to produce bubble wrap until the desired quantity is reached. The bubble wrap is usually collected in a large box.
  • In a larger company, the machine can be pre-set and locked, so that employees can only start and stop the machine.
  • Capacity of 8-15 m/min fulfills the needs of both smaller and larger e-commerce or warehouse requirements.
  • The machine is lightweight and easy to adjust packing processes if needed.
  • The pre-perforated bubble wrap selection includes different pad sizes and widths.
  • Machines can also be integrated into packaging lines - please ask our customer service for more information!

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