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Lybra pallet wrappers

Product code: 11560

  • Weight: 350,00 kg
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Lybra rotating arm machine for wrapping pallets is a solution for customers who need to package either very heavy or very light and unstable pallets that cannot be packaged on turntable machines.

The standard machines allow for the adjustment of the turntable rotation speed, the up and down movement speed of the wrapping head, the adjustment of film tension, and the pause for applying top sheets. Additional features such as a film roll holder can also be added.

Three different wrapping heads with pre-stretch up to 350% are available to choose from.

The strong construction and technical solutions ensure reliability and low maintenance costs for the machine. Safety is ensured by a safety sensor.

The machine can be mounted either on a post to the floor or directly on a wall or building structural post if space is limited.