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Corrugated carton

Corrugated carton

A 2-layered corrugated carton in a roll (cardboard roll), is an excellent environmentally friendly material for protecting and packaging products. Corrugated carton has good shock-absorbing properties and is easy to cut to the required size with a knife.

Advantages of 2-layered corrugated carton:

  • Reduces damage during transport, as the soft cover improves the cushioning properties of the package
  • Reduces material consumption - carton can be cut to the dimensions you need
  • Lots of uses
  • Environmentally friendly

A large selection of different widths is available from 300mm to 2000mm.

Strength is 160 g/m2.

Corrugated carton 300mm x 75m
20.30 €
Corrugated carton 750mm x 75m
42.40 €
Corrugated carton 1000mm x 75m, EKO
30.80 €
Corrugated carton 1200 mm x 75 m, EKO
37.50 €
Corrugated carton 1200 mm x 100 m, EKO
68.70 €
Corrugated carton 1600mm x 75m, EKO
46.20 €
Corrugated carton 2000 mm x 75 m
102.00 €